10 Pokémon I’d Love To See Next In Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite had a rocky response after its announcement, but already finds itself with a huge streaming audience on Twitch thanks to its varied, addicting gameplay mechanics and the appeal of those loveable Pokémon. It’s clear the game will have legs, and future Pokémon are already in the works with Blastoise confirmed to be up next and Blissey leaked. This had us thinking though, who should go next? I tried to combine big names with more obscure picks for the real Pokémon masters out there to consider. This is my list of the 10 Pokémon I’d love to see next in Pokémon Unite

#1 Alakazam


We already have Gengar in the main game, and with Alakazam very much being the psychic equivalent to Gengar from the same region, I can definitely see them being added one day. Abra is already in the game as a wild Pokémon, so a third of the model work is already done. It could use teleporting as part of its moveset to get it out of battles while it is fragile in its early evolution stages. Its Unite Move could be many things, from a mega evolution to a powerful psybeam attack coming from those trusty spoons. 

#2 Aegislash

Aegislash in Shield form

Whilst hardly one of the most popular Pokémon, Aegislash has a lot of potential in Unite to become a fan favourite. Its ability to change forms from offense to defense as a sword and shield could work perfectly in the MOBA gameplay of Pokémon Unite. It could have moves to change forms and then stay in that form until the cooldown runs out, or its form could change based on the move you use allowing you to dynamically change your playstyle based on where the battle is up to.

#3 Claydol


The Pokédex entries for Claydol give a lot of opportunities for a great tank in Pokémon Unite. Claydol can protect itself with psychic powers around its clay body, and has the power to shoot beams from its hands. Its ability to protect itself could give it high endurance to take a lot of hits, moving slowly due to its large size but packing a punch when it unleashes its psychic powers. The typing of Claydol is very unique, and it just doesn’t get enough love!

#4 Archeops


Fossil Pokémon need some representation in Pokémon Unite, and Archeops is quite unique as a flying fossil Pokémon. Whilst Aerodactyl is another good choice, Archeops is interesting due to the chaotic way it flies. The Pokédex states that it is a better ground hunter than it is at flying, so maybe in Unite it would only fly when using specific moves, flapping its wings clumsily and delivering some harsh blows to the opponent’s Pokémon. 

#5 Sharpedo


This savage shark Pokémon could pack a real punch. Water Pokémon are nicely represented already, but an actual fish-based one swimming in the air could look and feel like a lot of fun. The moveset really writes itself. Sharpedo can rush through the water and could use that to rush in or out of battles. Once it has its prey, it could tear them up with a brutal crunch, or trap them in place with a rapid whirlpool attack. Plus, Carvanha is really pretty cute.

#6 Deoxys

Deoxys in its normal forme

Pokémon with different forms or variations are really interesting in how they could work in Pokémon Unite, with a prime example of this being Deoxys. Your actions could change your forms, utilising speed forme to rush towards a goal, using defence forme to guard your own or just going for the classic attack form to knock out some enemy Pokémon. The “crystalline organ” on its chest as described by the Pokédex of gen 3 could be the key to its Unite Move, unleashing a beam of energy to clear the area or deal harsh damage to groups of enemies.

#7 Rotom

Rotom in its normal form

Once again, the key here is the amount of forms Rotom could use and the fun that could bring. Rotom is already in the game as a boss NPC, but it only appears in its default form. A playable Rotom could transform into some of the many devices we know it can inhabit and have a moveset based around that. Who wouldn’t love unleashing a hydro pump as Wash Rotom, followed by a fire blast from Heat Rotom and finishing it all by literally mowing down the enemy as Mow Rotom? Sign us up!

#8 Dialga


Gen 4 remakes are just around the corner, releasing this November, so some legendary representation from this generation would be welcome. I chose Dialga because the time mechanics here could be a lot of fun if balanced well. Dialga could slow down time in a certain area, or have a move that speeds up goal scoring for itself for a short period of time, similar to the Goal-Getter item already present in Pokémon Unite. Dialga has always been a favourite Pokémon of mine, so stomping around and bending time to my will to make a path to victory is a sure-fire way to keep me addicted to this game.

#9 Decidueye


One of the fan favourite final starter evolutions, Decidueye could bring some great sniping mechanics to the game. Limited windows of attack, fast speeds or cloaking could all be part of Decidueye’s moveset, living up to its Robin Hood-inspired design. Starter Pokémon tend to be some of the most popular in the series, so it doesn’t seem completely out there to think we may see the fierce hunter in the game sooner rather than later.

#10 Dragapult


Gen 8 getting more representation seems likely and I just adore Dragapult… Those Dreepy it keeps in its head could act as projectiles. Sure, Dragapult can also utilise its array of dragon and ghost-type moves, but this is all really about the Dreepy.  An infinite barrage of Dreepy missiles flying out of Dragapult’s head, need I say more?

Who do you want to see in Pokémon Unite? Feel free to let us know!

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