now supporting Nintendo Network IDs, could there be hope for future Call of Duty titles on Wii U?

Have hope Wii U owners as it is could perhaps be possible that Call of Duty has not abandoned us yet, okay this could simply be a bit of stretch and even mean a whole lot of nothing and I could just be trying to dream for the future I want but something strange but brilliant has happened for Wii U owners. With Advanced Warfare failing to arrive on the Wii U last year many of us thought support for the Wii U via the Call of Duty franchise was dead, however this might not actually be the case in fact a new update has arrived on the Call of Duty website which is now allowing you to link your Nintendo Network ID to your Call of Duty profile.

This news comes after Activision announced Call of Duty Black Ops III would be this years Call of Duty game which in itself is interesting. The Black Ops games come to us from Treyarch who is the developers covering this years entry, who also interestingly are responsible for both Call of Duty Black Ops 2’s and Ghosts arrival on the Wii U. So with this knowledge in hand it is easy enough to suggest that perhaps we could be seeing Black Ops III arrive on the Wii U, I still have my doubt but it is possible.

As far as Black Ops III goes I was not a huge fan of Black Ops 2 but I would be open to seeing the game arrive even if in the case of Call of Duty games we only see the games arrive whenever Treyarch or Infinity Ward are handling that years game. This would mean we would get only two out of three entries which is not so bad.

At this time as well a couple of other theories are floating around the internet which I feel I should make note of, namely one that is suggesting that Wii U owners could be seeing Advanced Warfare instead of Black Ops III but I personally doubt this. It would be stupid to bring a game to the Wii U market so late after demand has died such as what Ubisoft did with Watch Dogs, not to mention many would have done like me and just jumped on the Playstation 4 or Xbox One version of the game instead.

I still doubt that we will see Black Ops III on the Wii U but hope is still alive at the moment, fingers crossed the game arrives. What do you think do you hope the games will appear on the Wii U, please let us know in the comments.


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