Classic Super Nintendo and GameBoy Donkey Kong games hitting the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console

Donkey Kong is returning to its roots with the classic Super Nintendo games coming to the Wii U virtual console. So why is this a big deal well it is simple the classic Donkey Kong games where actually removed from the original Wii’s shop a couple of years ago with no actual reason given so anyone who didn’t buy the games prior to this point missed out on the opportunity to pick up and play these games. This is great and means that we can go back and enjoy these classic masterpieces developed by a developer who is no longer at the same skill level. The classic games are as it gets and they are well worth playing.

On top of this for the first time since the Gameboy you will be able to download the Game Boy versions of these games called Donkey Kong Land onto your 3DS and play them. Honestly though if you own a Wii U I would actually highly recommend picking up Donkey Kong Country and I can’t wait to be able to play these games on my Wii U.

As it stands however these games have only been announced for Europe’s virtual console, but hopefully the games will come to America, Australia and everywhere else. These games getting re-released have me excited for the prospects of the future and hopeful that we might eventually see Donkey Kong 64 hit the Virtual Console as well. I also look forward to being able to play the third game in the Country series which I never finished.

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