Fallout Shelter potentially arriving on Android devices next month

During Bethesda’s E3 conference this year they provided a lot of details on Fallout 4, but that wasn’t all the Fallout news as the company also revealed Fallout Shelter a new mobile title that is currently only available on the Apple app store. The game didn’t take long to come out on Apple devices after the E3 conference, but it was confirmed for Android users that they would be waiting a bit longer for the management simulator to arrive.

Of course for Android users the wait may seem long but it should end soon, at least according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines who revealed that the free to play game should arrive on Android devices in August.

Clearly seeing Android users getting antsy for the games release, Hines took to Twitter to answer a fan question and remove some of the mystery behind the games release. Hines said this in response:

“[It’s] coming along nice. Haven’t announced a date, but should be out next month. We’ll let you know when we have specifics.”

Not long to wait now Android users and then you to can be tied over to the release of Fallout 4.


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