Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Adds New Outfits, Activities, and Friends

The third wave of DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses has just gone live. It adds more outfits, new daily activities, new battalions, and a new character and paralogue. There is an additional free update for the game as well.

The expansion pass adds three different kinds of outfits for the students: Servant Wear (Maid and Butler attire), Summer Wear (a brown jacketless version of the usual Garreg Mach uniform), and Evening Wear (a more formal option). The Servant Wear outfits have two versions: a traditional black fabric version as well as a colored version that is different depending on the student.

fe butler
Male Byleth in the Butler outfit.

This expansion of DLC also adds two new monastery activities: a sauna activity that increases support points and motivation, as well as an option to play with the monastery animals where you can give them presents. The animals have an affection system similar to the students when they receive gifts.

fe sauna
The Sauna activity.
fe dogs
Yes, you can now pet the dog (and cats)!

With the addition of the Maid and Butler outfits for the students, two new battalions are available: the Maid battalion and the Butler Battalion.

The DLC includes a new playable character: Anna the merchant. She will join after Chapter 3 if the player does a special quest. She does not have any supports but does have her own paralogue.

Anna giving you her quest.

The free update to the game adds several changes. First, it increases the amount of save slots for the game from 5 to 25. It also gives players the option to have the students’ monastery wear/costumes display in battle instead of their class outfits.

The biggest part of the free update is the addition of a new playable character: Jeritza, the sword instructor. He is only available on the Crimson Flower route. He has three supports: male Byleth, female Byleth, Mercedes, and has an ending with each one. He also has his own paralogue.

fe jeritza
Jeritza is now playable in Crimson Flower.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is slated to get its final wave of DLC by the end of April 2020. It will include additional characters, supports, locations, and battle maps.

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