Five Nights At Freddy’s The Sister Location Release Date Announced, Steam Page Is Live

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That’s right everyone, the sister location has now arrived on the steam store!

Fans of the FNAF series have been begging for more information on the game since it was first teased on Scott’s website, and although Scott continued to release teaser images, barely any information about the games location and animatronics were known. But have no fear, the Steam page came brimming with information about the game itself, its story and also the games release date.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Sister Location will be released in October 2016. Now, fans of these games know to usually take these release dates with a grain of salt, considering Scott has always released his game’s earlier than the release date. However, he has stated that he intends to stick with his initial release date for this game, and will not be surprising fans with an early release.

You can view the images from the steam page below:

You can view the game on steam here.

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