Frisky Impressions

Browsing the PSN Holiday sale deals I fell prey to the “boobs-in-the-thumbnail” clickbait game cover. PlayStation’s game library is prominently clean so it was surprising to see this kind of game offered. For under five dollars, I decided to try it out.

Frisky Business is an interactive “romance” visual novel. You play as Falco Frisk of Frisk Investigative Solutions. He’s a private detective who spends more time getting  frisky with women than solving crimes.

The plot follows Frisk, who looks like a Nathan Drake rip off, as he attempts to uncover the identity of a clown that is stalking three college girls. Those involved in the making of the game clearly had a nonexistent education on forensic procedures. It is hilariously inaccurate; a simple Google search could’ve prevented these inaccuracies.

Nathan Drake rip off and his “well designed” wingman.

The game isn’t all bad. They added some good puns in there and I found myself laughing throughout. I decided to play the game with my significant other. We would voice the characters which made the experience all the more funny.

The game needs a better save system. It allows for one play through at a time and only saves at the beginning of each chapter. Every time I would choose a dialogue option that caused a negative reaction in one of the characters, I would have to exit out and redo the whole chapter. It was a nuisance to say the least, but one hour into the game, I was admittedly a tad bit invested.

If you aren’t just in it for the physical aspect of the girls, there is an option for a strictly romantic relationship with one of the characters. I chose to go this route, and the relationship between Frisk and Lucy, the romantic choice character, was quite adorable. However, I doubt most of the game’s player bases opted to go that route.

Should you play Frisky Business? For the cheap price of $4.99, I’d answer that with a solid probably not.

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