Game Busters Podcast Episode 26 – Detroit: Become Coward | Wolfenstein

Join Nirav, Rhi and special guests Kyle and Luke as they climb into their mech suits and dive into the history and development of Wolfenstein. Talking points include horrifying pizza, boomercast, Harry Potter and the Cover-Based Shooter, dunking on Ubisoft, mustache thieves, Operation Dracula and Todd Travels Through Time. It’s Game Busters: We’re Being Censored Edition! No, seriously, YouTube wouldn’t let us say “Punching Nazis” in the description.

  • 0:00 The Hall of Fameluster
  • 21:51 Bust ‘Ems – Wolfenstein
  • 01:11:29 Time for Games – Operation X-Men
  • 01:18:48 Closing and Todd Howard

Every week, Nirav, Rhi and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bust open a game to its component parts with a mixture of large hammers and positive vibes. Come join us! You can listen to last week’s equally topical episode here, where we looked at the history and development of Fallout 3.

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