Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda will be in attendance at E3 2016

With the recent reveal of Magearna Pokemon fans are excited to see what is next for their beloved franchise, given the fact that 2016 marks the Pokemon franchises 20th anniversary we are all expecting big things and what is bigger then that next major Pokemon game. From the look of things a new Pokemon game reveal could come very soon whether in the coming weeks or months, but we can say one thing for certain expect something at E3. A tweet from Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda presents a lot to be excited about the man who is a big figure in Pokemon in recent years has revealed he will be at the expo.

Masuda was originally requested to attend an event called Desucon in Finland, however he has had to decline due to how the event lines up with E3, having discussed things with the Pokemon Company International he is unable to attend. This however shows E3 as a priority and suggests something big might be in the works and set for reveal perhaps at E3.

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