Garfield Kart heading to the 3DS in Europe in June

Allow me to ask you a question, do you like cats? Do you like lasagne? Do you like kart racers? Finally are you sick of Mario Kart? If you answered yes to all these questions then have I got great news for you, there is apparently a new kart racer on the block and it is coming to Nintendo’s 3DS as Garfield Kart (wow that name is original). This game appeared on Amazon Germany recently, and it is a 3DS racer from Ravenscourt. Based on Amazon Germany’s page the game is expected to release in Europe on June 19th.

I can’t read German, but Amazon’s listing seems to confirm things like three difficulty levels, four racing modes, and multiplayer. Here’s the description as translated by Google:

The hoggish cat lies down a hot tires! Fat cat on the slopes! In the fast-paced kart racing game Garfield competes against his friends. Clearly, in this show may not be missing Jon and Odie. Unbridled fun in three difficulty levels and four play modes await you: Quick Race, Championship, Time Trial and daily challenge. But that’s not all: Via Wifi you can login with up to three friends in the local network to sixteen different routes romp. Who is the most skillful driver or at the most insidious? Throw your competitors obstacles in the path and take them the right of way. But take heed, your friends do not sleep. A lasagne is a perfect barrier to obese cat. Gather items in to supercharge your kart and race to the finish line first as crazy hats and various spoilers. With Garfield Kart for 3DS even make your assembly fun!

So are you excited yet, I think no is an exceptable answer as I think I will just stick with Mario Kart.

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