Hopes for This Year’s E3

E3 2017 is quickly approaching and though it may seem as if maybe there isn’t as much hype as past years, there is still a ton to look forward to. Therefore, here is what we are on the lookout for this year:

Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s new console that has finally started to come to fruition after some years of rumors. With the recent release of the actual tech information over the past couple of weeks, all focus has shifted to actual gameplay and how the system will run. Many hope to see possible new game releases and announcement that coincide with the Scorpio as well as a possible release date for the new system. One can only hope for all this, but the fact of the matter is that Project Scorpio’s announcement is almost a certainty at this year’s E3.

Development Hell Titles

Ah yes, all those games that have been talked about and rumored for years but have very little to no information. Games such as Kingdom Hearts 3, Beyond Good and Evil 2, and even the Final Fantasy 7 Remake are all titles that have one very bad thing in common: they are all in development hell. Now, this doesn’t mean that these games aren’t going to release, but please for THE LOVE OF GOD can we get any type of information this year? A tease, some gameplay, even just a news update can suffice for these. I’m not sure what the whole deal and love that some of these game developers have with having such enormous gaps in updates for their games, but lets just hope it all comes to an end soon.

PlayStation Conference

Every year it seems that we all agree that PlayStation overwhelmingly wins the “conference” wars almost every year with either a huge surprise that no one see’s coming or simply for the fact that they give the people what they want. That also involves other conferences not doing very well, but we won’t dive into that. There should be a plethora of things for PlayStation to dive into as far as presenting more on the PS4 Pro as well as games such as The Last of Us 2 and a brand new Call of Duty Game.

The Event

E3 is just one big video game party to be honest and that in itself is a large reason why E3 is such a success every year. Now with the inclusion of the public for the first time ever, this should only increase the fanfare that we are used to in years past. The games are coming, the systems are on the horizon and yet there seems to be so much more to be intrigued about.

Something you are looking forward to that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our other articles!

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