Memorable Gaming Quotes: Bioshock Infinite part 2

Caution: I took about key aspects of Bioshock Infinite’s story, so if you haven’t played Bioshock Infinite you might wish to steer clear.

Sometimes we need to have an open mind, we need to be willing to consider the possibility that there is more to our world then just us. I should note that when I say this I am not referring to aliens but rather alternate realities the world is a big place and by all extent of logical theories such places exist and there are many. Each one designed by a single choice or major action, this is how it all works our choices define us as ourselves, but so do they decide who we don’t become the alternate version of ourselves lives the what if I had done that life. This is also how we got to talking about a quote I recently explored in regards to the fragile nature of life and existence, life and death are not black and white, we exist on many plains and by simply looking into other realities we see how one idea is changed in another. There are millions of these alternate worlds out there each different, yet still so similar and this is what we are talking about this week.

Bioshock Infinite has numerous memorable quotes, some generally funny, some interesting, and others that are thought provoking. The latter of these type of quotes is the one I like to explore the most (although there will be time for others later), it is interesting how something as simple as a quote in a game can make us think and even reconsider our own stance in the universe, in the case of Bioshock Infinite they do this a lot. Today’s quote comes more towards the end of Bioshock Infinite and I picked the one I want to talk about strictly as a nice tie in to the one I explored last time, again looking at alternate dimensions. In Bioshock Infinite we constantly take a long hard look at the varying dimensions we encounter, all of these places we see are defined by a single choice which has spanned out over time, as a primary example we can look at the likes of the Vox Populi.

This group is led by Daisy Fitzroy, after being falsely accused of murdering Lady Comstock she seeks revenge on Columbia and Comstock himself and during the original storyline she enlists Booker’s help to go and get weapons for her men. From here however the story becomes twisted as we see the changes caused by venturing to alternate dimensions, after finding the gun maker we need dead Elizabeth moves herself and Booker to another world, herein he isn’t dead but other things have changed and we see the confusing nature of two world knowledge. Of course this is not where the story ends, in this dimension the gun makers tools have been seized so he cannot help you so Booker needed to follow this to help complete his goal, however this eventually leads to entering another new world. In the latest world Booker is a martyr having helped Fitzroy’s group to start a revolution, basically rendering everything you did to that point worthless but also you see the effect of change to a single thing.

It is interesting how in the form of different decisions a new world is born and this is something that Elizabeth discusses with us towards the end of the game. As we wander through the Sea of Doors she looks to the stars and notes:

“They are all different, yet similar, constants and variables.”

Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite, 2013

In this point she is discussing the many worlds and how each door is opening to her, within she can see everything from the small changes that originally defined the world hence similar, to the major changes that have happened over time meaning different. Each world is designed simply by the factors of the constants and variables, the constant in this case is likely how the world changes but with the way we define it or the things that seem to remain near enough the same. Variables however likely discuss the smaller details and how the smallest thing defines the world and how each world is born from the varying circumstances, at least this is my best guess.

The thing that makes this quote most memorable to me is the fact that this quote is just so thoughtful, I am no scientist and honestly I barely understand what people are going on about when they talk about science in its lowest form. But for all weakness in the science department this just makes me think about the potential and the possibilities, it makes me want to go and look at the stars and consider whether it is simply just balls of gas in the sky or really doorways to other worlds.

It makes me wonder how different is the world from my very first choice did it somehow have it end up exactly like this one minus that one alternate decision, I will never know but there is something great about thinking about it. Considering the possibilities of other worlds, this quote has me thinking constantly whether it be about this world, or is there something I missed, some hidden meaning that I have not accounted for. All I care about in the long run is that this quote is truly thoughtful and presents a moment of clarity as we see the world as more than a single entity and we have time to just think.

How different is the world? Do I even exist? There are many more, but we can rest in knowing that there are many worlds and they are all different, and yet so similar, and all defined by a simple matter of constants and variables. This also acts as a great chance to reflect on who we are and who we might become, no matter what this is an excellent and truly memorable quote that forces you to consider a change and how the world is different.

Thankyou Bioshock Infinite for opening my eyes to the borders of a world beyond my imagination that transcends any true forms of disbelief.

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