MouseCraft coming to Wii U and Xbox One later this year

Indie title MouseCraft began life as a Playstation console exclusive and PC game, however the game is getting set to move on to new pastures with an Xbox One and Wii U release salted to arrive in the near future. Developer Crunching Koala’s excitedly announced the news over Twitter with the following message:

And it’s official! We’re bringing MouseCraft to Xbox One and Wii U in the 3rd quarter of 2015!

The game originally released a year ago but is coming to allow more people to give it a go. MouseCraft is described as “an A to B puzzle game” in which players stack Tetrominos blocks to help mice get to the cheese. Obstacles, collectibles, and the ability to create/share your own maps will surely keep things fresh.

If you don’t own a Playstation system and are interested in this game then you can look forward to the Wii U and Xbox One launch later this year.

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