New Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals starters, region, mascot, and release date

Pokemon Sun and Moon was revealed back in February and with it we saw only brief snippets of what the game could offer, we gathered that the world would have a resort feel and that was about it. News since then has been minimal but now this all will change, Pokemon Sun and Moon has now received its first real trailer and with it we get to see gameplay regarding the region, the starters and other small factors.

We now know what the three starters are, as well as what they look like and they are adorable, there is Rowlet a grass and flying type, Litten a fire type, and Popplio the water type. It has been confirmed that the games will be set in the Aloha region (pretty original I know), what is shown screams a Hawaiian backdrop. We also got to see the two mascot Pokemon and they look pretty cool, even if one reminds me of a Yveltal crossed with a Noivern. Finally it has been revealed that the games will be arriving in November, they will arrive in North America on November 18th, with a European release following on the 23rd.

Of course it is the trailer for this game you should really be checking out, this game is looking great in a lot of ways and could be wonderful to explore. You can view the new trailer below:

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