Payday 2 Has Pulled Starbreeze Studios Out Of A 15 Year Financial Loss

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  1. dieger says:

    Now could they possibly fix the console problems and give us DLC?

    1. Mike Jones says:

      doubtful…this is the new trend these days for pc companies,to put out games on consoles as a quick cashgrab and then forget it exists…even valve has done it and they’re hardly pinching pennies 🙁

      1. James Pritchard says:

        Keep in mind that PC support is much easier to have. Coding is simple and more people buy it because it is cheaper in the end. I am a console gamer, and admittedly not really a DLC person. I only download DLC for games I like, and even then I barely play it. Its costly, and takes time to install.

        1. Mike Jones says:

          DLC not coming to consoles is one thing,though its hardly impossible to get approved and put out on,but patches are another as they are giving a terrible broken version of their games to console players to get their base money and then pretending like it doesn’t exist