Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Trailer Reveals Alola Forms and Z-Moves

The latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon details a number of additions coming to the latest entry in the franchise. Additions include:


The new Pokemon revealed in today’s trailer include:

  • Oricorio

(Which will have a total of 4 different forms based on which Alolan Island it inhabits. The forms include the Sensu Style, Pa’u Style, Pom-Pom Style, and Baile Style)


The trailer also revealed Alola Form. Alola Forms are variations on classic Pokemon, changing not only their appearance but their types as well. As of right now the Pokemon that will receive Alola Forms include:


Z-Moves are brand new powerful attacks that Pokemon will be able to use. However, there are a few conditions to be able to preform a Z-Move.

  • Trainers must possess a Z-Ring and have placed a Z-Crystal into the ring.
  • Their Pokemon must be holding the corresponding Z-Crystal.
  • The Pokemon must know an attack that is the same type as the Z-Crystal.

Island Challenges

There are special island challenges that will involve you taking on Totem Pokemon as well as Trial Captains. Totem Pokemon are special Pokemon who will be able to call on other Pokemon for help. Trial Captains or Kahuna’s will also be awaiting you at the end of each trial.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will hit the Nintendo 3ds on November 18th. Check out the trailer below.

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