Pokemon X and Y are the fastest selling 3DS games selling 12 million units

Pokémon X and Y only hit the 3DS last October and they are already the fastest selling games on the console. Is that surprising, not really fans of the Pokémon franchise in general and those who just wanted to play a Pokémon game that felt like it had evolved from what we originally played in the late 90’s all picked up and played these games as they are quite a lot of fun. Also X and Y sold well given the amount of 3DS in circulation around the world it is no wonder People even brought the console just for the game.

Pokémon X and Y have shifted 12 million units according to a press release details new information for the 17th Pokémon movie. This is well below sales records for a Pokémon game duo given that others from the DS have sold a whole lot better but this is still pretty good. Not to mention the game has only been out almost seven months so things should still keep getting better for the games as their sales improve. The only thing still left to say is where is my X and Y 2 and where is my console Pokémon games.

Source: Eurogamer

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