RUMOR – Nintendo and EA’s Origin deal that went sour

In E3 of 2011 the EA president came out in stage and said they were going to support the Wii U in a big way, but other than late Mass Effect 3 port nothing special from EA has been announced. But it seems that EA did have big plans, but their “greed” to make Origin bigger  got in the way.

Basically Nintendo was impressed with EA online games on the Wii, the only ones with proper online support in the system. So Nintendo approached them to help them with the new Network on Wii U and in return EA would be one of the first to get Wii U devkits. In a last meeting after Nintendo paid EA for their counseling, EA then offered Nintendo to make Wii U’s online exclusive to Origin. Nintendo weighed the options and decided against the idea. Since EA would be in control they could unfair things as supporting their games more properly than other 3rd Parties and Nintendo wouldn’t have a say in anything. This in turn, killed off the major support EA had planned for Wii U. The good news is 3rd parties like Ubisoft loved this move and is now backing Nintendo even further than they have.

It does seems plausible that this might have happened

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