Shelter developers Might and Delight next game is Paws

Developers Might and Delight have really made waves with their animal based open world survival games, both of their last two games Shelter and Shelter 2 were quite well respected and for their next games we sort of expected Shelter 3. Surprise though as Might and Delights next game is not Shelter 3 but instead Paws a game which should work in the same way as Shelter.

In Paws, players assume the role of a baby lynx who has ended up being separated from its family. This lost cub must somehow survive the dangers of nature and hopefully find a way home again. Aside from this more adventure-style linear experience, Paws will also include The Lonesome Fog (an interactive book).

For those interested in the new game it will be available via Steam and other such digital distributors  on March 24th.

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