Skylanders franchise has sold 250 million toys, generated $3 billion for Activision

Since its debut in 2011 Skylanders has proven to be a complete success story for Activision. The franchise really connects with children and the strategy of selling seperate toys to unlock in game content is really clever from a business standpoint, so much so that it influenced Disney Infinity and even Amiibo’s. But thanks to Gamespot we know exactly how major the Skylanders franchise is, according to Gamespot to date the franchise has sold 250 million toys, meanwhile the series has generated $3 billion for Activision.

Skylanders has already had a quite history with Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure having debuted in 2011, and the latest game in the franchise has been recently announced by Activision as Skylanders Superchargers which will arrive later this year.


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