The Best YouTube Gaming Reviewers 2023

Before the age of online reviews, buying a video game was a game of chance. You could end up with an amazing title worth playing over and over or with a game so bad you could not tolerate more than a couple of rounds. But thanks to online game reviewers, you can now learn everything there is to know about a game – graphics, characters, gameplay, and more – before you buy it.

The review business is varied, catering to the tastes of different gamers. Players who prefer to read are now able to explore their favorite games wherever they are in the world through in-depth experts analyses. In the UK, for example, gambling fans who prefer to bypass the strict rules imposed by Gamstop can read this Libra Spins casino review to understand the site’s pros and cons before deciding to register. And the recent boom in the digital content economy has ensured that gamers who prefer a more interactive touch can also get video reviews on YouTube, where they can watch rather than read insightful game analyses. If you land in the latter group, here is a list of the best review channels on YouTube today.



Widely considered one of the best YouTube game reviewers, Jose “Angry Joe” Vargas has more than 3 million subscribers and 1.56 billion views. As the name suggests, Joe is known for his patent “angry” reviews, especially when analyzing a bad game. He regularly reviews new releases to determine if they are worth playing, rating them from 1 to 10. His analysis is in-depth, and AngryJoeShow episodes often run as long as 45 minutes. When he is not reviewing games, Joe also analyses new movie releases. It is important to point out that his delivery can be harsh and is often punctuated by strong language.



If you prefer shorter reviews, you may like Gameranx. The Gameranx YouTube channel was launched in 2012 and originally aired video game trailers. It evolved to include more lists, gaming news, and reviews. The “Before You Buy” segment of the channel offers 5 to 10-minute-long reviews that quickly tell you what you need to know about a title before you purchase it. The reviews feature real footage from the game to give you a sense of the graphic quality and gameplay. Unlike the AngryJoeShow, however, this reviewer does not score the titles or tell you whether or not to buy. They present the facts – both pros and cons – and you can decide for yourself.


Skill Up

Skill Up delivers extended and in-depth reviews of newly-released video games. However, rather than discuss the aspects of the game by category, the host discusses all the intricate details of the game at once. The idea is to give you a clear picture of what you can expect from a game. The format is also more relaxed, so watching an episode feels like talking to a friend about a game they just played.



Also called Angry Centaur Gaming, ACG is hosted by Karak, who reviews new games and old titles, previews upcoming releases, shares gaming news, and more. The episodes are often about 20 minutes long and cover a wide range of aspects of the games under review. The host will usually go through the gameplay, graphics, music, characters, in-game assets, and more. Karak also uses a “Buy, Wait for sale, Rent, or Never” rating system to let you know if and when to invest in a new game.


​​​​​​​​​​Alanah Pearce

You may already know Alanah Pearce from her game journalist days at IGN. Since 2020, the Australian writer has worked at Santa Monica Studio, consulting on many video games. She launched her YouTube channel in 2012 and regularly posts personal videos and game reviews. Pearce streams gameplay videos and provides her impressions and different titles. Among other things, she also interviews game developers and delivers gaming news. And because she is in the industry herself, you can trust her to have impeccable judgment about the games she reviews.


Worth A Buy

Worth A Buy review episodes are between 10 and 15 minutes long and cover facts about a new game in no particular order. The reviews are thorough nonetheless and often end with a list of highlights and weaknesses of the game alongside scores for different aspects like graphics and sound. Worth A Buy also provides a recommendation for whether or not you should purchase a title.


​​​​Girlfriend Reviews

If you love to laugh as you consume your gaming reviews, Girlfriend Reviews is for you. Matt and Shelby post hilarious commentary on the most recent games, with Shelby as the non-player bystander. As you might expect, the reviews are less in-depth or formal than those presented on other channels on this list, but they are fun. They will usually tell you most of what you need to know about a game while throwing in some pop culture, memes, and laughs for good measure.


Wrapping Up

Not everyone is a natural reader. In fact, not all gamers will leaf through pages and pages of a game review to determine if a game is worth buying. If this describes you, you can tune in to these YouTube channels for your game reviews. The tastes cover everything from serious reviews to funny and angry commentaries. Whatever your viewing needs, you are sure to find an entertaining way to get your game reviews. Even better, you will never invest in a game blindly again.


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