The Forbidden Arts Making Its Way to Switch in 2019

Users of Steam Early Access can potentially look forward to the upcoming release of The Forbidden Arts, an action platformer that follows a character known as Phoenix who enters into a world of action and magic, where he needs to fight dangerous creatures, solve puzzles, take on quests, and discover long-forgotten secrets.

Those hoping for a console release for this interesting sounding adventure can look forward to 2019, as developer Stingbot Games has revealed The Forbidden Arts will be headed to Switch that year. While 2019 is certainly far off at this point, it will provide the developers time to optimize the game for the system, and the game is only getting ready for early access, so it still needs some more time to fix any potential problems and improve the experience.

Main character Phoenix has the power of the “inner flame,” allowing him to find new ways to defeat enemies and bosses, meaning there could be plenty of variety. You can check out a trailer for the game below, it does look a little rough, but hopefully that will be ironed out for the Switch release.

According to the developers, The Forbidden Arts will have a heavy focus on discovery and exploration, while also housing plenty of action, comedy, suspense, and some unexpected twists and turns.

Be sure to keep eye out for this game, it seems to have potential.

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