The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS

The next Zelda game for the 3DS has been announced, The new game titled The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes. The new game will have a very co-op focus with a good portion of the gameplay being pulled along by multiple players, using items and a new mechanic known simply as the totem mechanic.

Based on the trailer shown the game focuses on up to three players using varying items and ideas to solve traditional Zelda puzzles in a new way. The game will have a fashion element as well allowing you to dress Link up for new abilities which makes a nice change from traditional Zelda games. The game will feature local and cooperative multiplayer.

Better still should you want to play solo the game will allow you to switch between three different characters allowing for a much different game. Triforce Heroes will arrive later in 2015.

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