The Summer Games in Overwatch

What happens when you mix Overwatch, the upcoming Olympic games, and a community of over 7 million people world wide? You get the first special event for Overwatch adding new character skins, voice lines, victory poses, game modes, and bragging rights for months to come long after the event is over!

Over the next 3 weeks until August 22nd, the event will be live. Their is a chance to earn over 100 cosmetic items from special Loot boxes which guarantee at least 1 Summer Games item per box with the potential to have more and believe me, you’ll want to get as many special items as you can.

Overwatch Summer Games Gif

Overwatch has always shown its characters being diverse coming from all places in the world. The event really takes advantage of this having the characters represent the countries they are from in some impressive costumes.

Along with the amazing  costumes and scenery, Blizzard has given players a new Brawl called Lucioball. Lucioball is 3v3 soccer match that utilizes Lucio’s abilities to create one of the most memorable if not exciting brawls to this date.

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