Things are not looking good for Assassins Creed Unity in eyes of critics

Assassins Creed Unity has arrived on the marketplace ready to hit the warm embrace of its loving fans but critical reception has really not been that good for the latest entry in the Assassins franchise. When it was announced Ubisoft held a lot of promises with Unity and if Critical reception is anything to go by then clearly Ubisoft has not delivered. Now remember different reviewers have different tastes and ideas for what they want from the game so you still may like it but remember to heed warning.

Major reviewers of the game have complained about issues with stealth having problems as well as people being in to big of masses, as many of us know Ubisoft had a lot of hope for this entry in the franchise particularly given it is the first game to hit the now Current generation consoles minus the Wii U exclusively so they were trying to show off the power and potential of these consoles.

On a lighter note a variety of critics have praised the mission types and the setting it is just not as good as many of them were hoping from their experience.

Sites like IGN have given the game a 7.8, while Kotaku has given the game a harsh no, GameSpot along with Destuctoid have given the game a 7 and Joystiq has given the game a 2.5 out of 5.

Again remember these are just critics opinions but you may want to think about how much connection you have to the franchise before diving into this one. All I can say is better luck next time Ubisoft.

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