Video Game Addiction: A Personal Account

I can safely say I’m addicted to League of Legends. I find myself repeating “one more game” to myself after each match. I check the time and think, “It’s only 12:00 am right now.” Soon, it’s 4:00 am. I could’ve got more sleep and continued playing matches the next day, well rested – too late now.

When a game is second nature to you, it’s more fun because you play effortlessly. A game is more addicting when you have it down pat. Loving a game to death is different from addiction. I love Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and Rune Factory, but I can’t play it all day like I could League.

It’s easy to pick League over anything else, and the matches go by so fast. You may pause single-player games at any time, but in League you have to play each match you enter start to finish, otherwise LeaverBuster comes. Even if I take a break from the game or have to work through LeaverBuster, I still play and enjoy League.

The multiplayer and the teamwork make League so addicting. Playing by yourself can be boring, which is why a multiplayer option in games makes them better, like playing together in Animal Crossing titles or trading in games like Pokemon.

I think the best way to handle an addiction is to have the guilty item out of sight and out of mind. For instance, I do not have a laptop, so when I play League it’s on a friend’s computer, and not everyday (which also makes playing the game more special).

Because of my addiction, I have a love-hate relationship with League. I love the game, but can’t stop myself from playing twenty-five games in one sitting. I’m sure this is how people feel about their favorite games, especially those that are quick and with addictive systems.

The reward system for League is narcotic. I get addicted to earning key fragments and chests when I get a S rank or higher on a champion – basically, getting skins or champions for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff? And when I play League, I feel accomplished when I win and also get a perverted kick from crushing other people’s dreams.

Video game addictions like mine to League are not bad unless they’re preventing you from socializing and working or going to school. All I can say about this is to keep getting pentakills in League or the equivalent in any game you desire.

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