Watch Dogs 2 Human Condition content arrives with a new trailer

Watch Dogs 2 worked hard to set itself apart from the original game with its improved narrative, characters and so much more. But with the next batch of additional content to come to the game the lines between these will be even clearer. Ubisoft is taking the time to construct a much better game even further developing this through all manners of additional content with Human Conditions bringing Watch Dogs fan favorite character Jordi Chin back.

Watch Dogs 2’s Human Conditions content is making its way to the Playstation 4 tomorrow with an Xbox One and PC launch following on March 23rd. This content will see Marcus going up against some new enemies, with several other missions being added to further flesh out the content. The return of Jordi Chin should also add a decent amount of additional humor to this content while you take on the three new Dedsec operations that have been added to the adventure offering around five hours of new content.

Ubisoft has also released a new trailer that shows off some of this new content, and you can watch that below:

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