Why Soulcalibur Should Come Back, and on the Switch

The latest Soulcalibur, Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul, was released in 2014. 2018 is approaching, Soulcalibur has been dormant, and the Switch booms with popularity. Only two Soulcalibur titles have been released on Nintendo platforms, which means the Switch could help with Soulcalibur’s comeback by offering a rare appearance of the franchise on a Nintendo system. In other words: where’s my Soulcalibur Switch title?

The release of Soulcalibur II was successful mainly due to Namco and Nintendo teaming up. A Soulcalibur release with Link as a playable character would surely sell tons, as Soulcalibur II did. Breath of the Wild has been extremely successful in sales and use of any Zelda characters by Namco would make for the best remastered version of Soulcalibur. 

On another note, it took about four years for Namco to release Soulcalibur II after Soulcalibur, which makes 2018 ripe timing for a new Soulcalibur. Soulcalibur being released on the Switch would be magical because there have only been two Soulcalibur games released on Nintendo devices.  

There are many benefits to a Soulcalibur Switch title. For instance, as a Switch title it could also be a mobile fighting game, and having one of these with an in-depth story, rather than a Super Smash Bros., would be appreciated. Super Smash Bros. is amazing, but it is primarily for multiplayer and Soulcalibur is perfect for single and multiplayer. Transitioning on the Switch is easy (the console’s name refers to switching between a handheld and a bigger screen), which means Soulcalibur will serve for both single-play and party-play.

Though Soulcalibur evokes nostalgia, it’s a fit game franchise to bring to a new system. These past few days I have been playing Soulcalibur II and it brought back memories of unlocking subchapter two just to obtain Lizardman, who, turned out, had a really bad fighting technique. I hope Nintendo will consider this one of a kind weapon-based fighting game for their platform in the near future. Gamers need a new Soulcalibur, and Nintendo needs more of this franchise on their systems.


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Derek Shearouse II
Derek Shearouse II
6 years ago

Awesome article!!!!!!