Yo-kai Sangokushi debut trailer released

Yo-kai Watch has proven to be a really popular franchise in Japan and Level-5 is clearly making use of this, a new trailer has recently surfaced for Yo-kai Sangokushi, this is a spinoff game from the main franchise this time focusing on a crossover with a game developed by Koei who is helming the project. This is a crossover effort merging Level-5’s Yo-kai Watch and Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms and is headed to Japan on April 2nd (no word on whether the game will head overseas), the game will feature strategy gameplay and more than 400 Yo-Kai.

This is the games debut trailer, and runs down some of the gameplay and the features within the game, even if you don’t understand Japanese hopefully you might still understand what is going on. You can watch the trailer below:

Honestly I have doubts that the game will find its way overseas but who knows we could be surprised.

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