Zelda-themed New Nintendo 2DS XL to be Sold Exclusively at GameStop

Love it or hate it, the 3DS really isn’t going anywhere if Nintendo has a choice. Following last week’s reveal of new Nintendo Select titles and 2DS bundles coming to Europe, Nintendo has announced the next big 3DS offer for America. With the handheld, Nintendo has a habit of making special edition versions that make the system a little more appealing than normal, and for its latest iteration, Nintendo has chosen to embrace a classic Legend of Zelda design that is sure to draw eyes.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL system comes adorned with the iconic Hylian Shield design on its roof, making for one of the most beautiful special edition systems yet. It will be sold exclusively at GameStop as of the July 2 for a suggested price of $159.99. As part of the Zelda theme, the system will come pre-installed with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the sequel to the Super Nintendo classic A Link to the Past.

Through Twitter, Nintendo shared the news stating:

Due to the system’s GameStop exclusivity, it seems likely that this system will only ever be available for American consumers. Although they could still surprise fans with an announcement for the rest of the world, or with a different special edition all together. Only time will tell. For now however, Americans have another cool 3DS design to look forward to.

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