13AM Games has shared some details on the future of Runbow, cut content and more

13AM Games is getting ready to release Runbow on the New Nintendo 3DS and will be coming to retail, and in an interview with Nintendo Enthusiast we got to learn more about the impending release, the future of Runbow and a lot more.

During the interview 13AM Games confirmed that Runbow will certainly be New Nintendo 3DS exclusive stating that the capabilities of the New 3DS really help the game run. However, this does not mean that they will never bring the game to the standard 3DS, in fact they have stated they will do everything in their power to get the game on the 3DS.

Furthermore, 13AM Games has revealed that Runbow Pocket has been in development for three months, and it is set to be one of the first games on the system to use Unity.

Talking about the Wii U version 13AM Games revealed that the game had not been an “overnight several million dollar success”, although it has sold well enough to keep the studio together.

Interestingly, the game did have some cut ideas that were planned for its Color Master mode, this included a version where a Gamepad player would play pinball, meanwhile the other players would run around inside which could have been cool.

Finally, they talked about the future of the series and noted that they might try to find a way to implement cut ideas into a future sequel. However, before doing a sequel they have stated that they will most likely do a much different game in between.

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