Xbox One consoles are getting more data, following recent rumors relating to new a bigger memory console and new controller design, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has officially unveiled the next version of the Xbox One console. The new console will feature 1TB of memory which will allow for more games and media to be available on the console.

Along with the new console design Major Nelson has also unveiled the newly designed Xbox One controller. The new Xbox One controller design features a 3.5mm stereo jack that allows you to plug a headset directly into the controller, as part of this players will have the ability to adjust headset volume, as well as game and audio balances through the consoles settings.

Xbox One new controller

Major Nelson has also announced they have fine tuned the bumpers with the new controller as well as the ability to receive firmware updates while the controller is not plugged in to the console.

1TB consoles will be available from retailers as of June 16th in North America and other selected markets later on in June. You can see the full announcement below and read Major Nelson’s full announcement here.

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