5 exciting games to try out this year

Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience as we present the top five games to play in 2023. With so many exciting titles scheduled for release on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, as well as online casino games, it’s going to be a busy year for gamers.


Plinko by Spribe is an online, arcade-style game that brings the excitement of the popular 1980s TV show, The Price Is Right, to your fingertips. The Plinko casino game created by Metaspins casino gives a nod to the Japanese game Pachinko, and players will notice the similarities between the two in the gameplay concept. Easy to understand and requiring no special skills, Plinko simply involves a ball or series of balls that fall between pins, and your winnings are determined by the boxes where the balls land.

This online arcade game is set on a pyramid board featuring a series of pins that are waiting to nudge the ball as it falls. With each bet placed, the ball will drop and eventually land in one of the several boxes with different payouts, at the bottom. You have the option to choose the box and the corresponding multiplier to maximize your winnings.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

With the success of the first game and the Miles Morales expansion, the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man is eagerly awaited. You’ll be able to play as both Peter Parker and Miles as they face new villains Kraven and Venom. The highly anticipated sequel is set to continue the legacy of the award-winning Marvel Spider-Man franchise on PlayStation. This electrifying instalment is being crafted by the talented team at Insomniac Games in partnership with Marvel Games and PlayStation exclusively for the cutting-edge PS5 console.

Release date: fall 2023.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Switch)

A direct sequel to the highly acclaimed Breath of the Wild, this new instalment promises to take players to a whole new world above the skies of Hyrule. Despite limited information on the game, it’s sure to be a hit with Nintendo and Zelda fans and is already available to pre-order.

Release date: May 12, 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, this game follows Cal Kestis five years after the events of the first game as he continues to face the pursuit of the Empire. New combat abilities and animal riding abilities are just some of the exciting features to look forward to. This will be a breathtaking new chapter that will challenge Cal like never before as he battles to keep the galaxy from succumbing to darkness. Join Cal on his quest, discover uncharted territories in the galaxy and transcend your training.

With the release date not far off, make sure you read game reviews as soon as they are released to make sure it is amazing as we all expect it will be.

Release date: March 17, 2023.

Resident Evil 4 (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

The classic survival horror game Resident Evil 4 is getting a makeover for next-gen consoles and PC. Confirmed during June 2022’s State of Play presentation by Capcom, the game will be updated to meet 2023 standards and promises to be a visually stunning experience. Players will be able to experience Resident Evil 4 on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, with support for PSVR 2, Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset.

In the game, Leon Kennedy, star of Resident Evil 2, is on a mission to rescue the American president’s daughter, who has been taken by a cult in rural Spain. The community is plagued by a mysterious disease and is full of ambushes and traps for Leon to navigate. With a familiar cast of characters, including Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, the game promises to be one of Resident Evil’s more thrilling stories.

Release date: March 24, 2023.

The gaming world continues to evolve and provide new and thrilling experiences for players. From action-packed adventures to thought-provoking puzzles, there is something for everyone. The five games listed in this article represent some of the most exciting titles to look out for in the coming year. Whether you are a fan of fast-paced action or prefer more strategic gameplay, these games are sure to keep you entertained. So, grab your controller or mobile and get ready to dive into some of the most engaging gaming experiences of the year.

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