The ever-doomed MMO The Day Before is facing new problems, and this time, it’s connected to the creator of a calendar app, of all things. In a small post shared on their Twitter, Fntastic, the developers behind The Day Before, revealed that videos were no longer available on their Youtube channel. Among them include ten minutes of footage recently unveiled by the developer, as reported at the time by GameLuster.

In January, the studio confirmed the removal of the game’s Steam Page in light of the controversy. Fntastic further confirmed that the third party involved in the dispute was the creator of a calendar app, who reportedly intends to “take over the title” and filed trademarks ahead of them.

The claim, Fntastic reported, arrived after The Day Before’s announcement in 2021. The app creator, Fntastic says, reached out to them “ambiguously” for an undisclosed discussion, the topic of which is unknown. Fntastic said they’ll “fight” the trademark dispute.

“Power is in the truth,” they summarised the statement. Despite their determination to win this case out, fans are not convinced. Arguments vary from a lack of professionalism in the studio’s approach in handling the debate, calling out their mismanagement of the project, with others simply suggesting that they change the title. 

The Day Before is scheduled for release (pending no further delays) on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles and PC on Nov. 10. What do you make of this latest twist in the story? Let us know in the comments below and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news. 

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