7 Reasons Why You Should Play Soulcalibur VI

Let’s be fully honest — right now, the game is not your biggest esports title. For various reasons, Soulcalibur VI could not catch the hype in the community. Those are rather side ones, such as having the pandemic during the best period for esports activity. Quality of the game and the playing experience are doubtlessly the strongest aspects of the game. And what else do we gamers need?

Soulcalibur VI is so good! It would be a crime to sleep on it and let it descend into obscurity. Treat yourself to this game! And here are seven reasons why you should do that.

The game is one of the best entry points to the genre

Fighting games are not easy. In many cases, the threshold is so high that many gamers never reach the stage of actually enjoying the matches.

The difficulty of this genre is dictated by the long life spans and high standards of the esports level. A fighting game should have various tricky mechanics to keep players busy and give them something to learn even after a few months of playing. The competitive community is able to breathe life into a title — if pro-players find these fights decent, the game gets highlighted at many tournaments and keeps its stable active audience.

That difficulty is not easily compatible with accessibility. When a beginner to the genre opens a fighting game, they most likely just want to have fun from the very start. And seeing some tangible progress in skills and the number of wins gives the motivation to return to those matches again and again.

Soulcalibur VI is a pretty rare example of a perfect balance between depth and accessibility in fighting games. You don’t need a long training process to grasp the basics and start enjoying your fights. But then, the deeper you go into the game, the more techniques you add to your fighting arsenal — sky’s the limit here.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start your path as an esports professional. Just discovering miracles of this extraordinary genre is enough to give Soulcalibur VI a try.

The story mode is really good

Many gamers start new adventures to experience a fascinating story. Despite being a game mainly for multiplayer competition, Soulcalibur has a mystical tale, with overpowered swords, love, friendship, and uncompromising rivalry. It is so worth delving into!

Most fighting games have obvious issues with their story modes. The plots seem to be forced to include fights with/against different characters. Yep, Soulcalibur VI follows the same path — but only in one type of its story (which is also good, the creative level is of the highest level).

But also, the game has the mode Libra of Soul, which combines the genre traditions with some clever RPG elements. You create your own unique character and live through the story. In the process, you feel quite involved and discover the mysterious events with prominent personalities of the Soulcalibur universe.

Even fighting games fans who often skip stories might find Soul Libra super interesting.

The 3D movement feels exceptionally good

In general, there are two types of fighting games: 2D and 3D. The first one is classic, so most games out there whirl around the idea of a “flat” world, where characters can move only in a 2D dimension. Soulcalibur is of a 3D type, so you can walk in circles around your opponents.

Not so many other titles use the same technology. Probably, the most popular one is Tekken, which is created by the same developer, Bandai Namco. Still, even this game feels so much different!

It’s all about movements in the 3D environment. Soulcalibur has this aspect on the level of perfection (or at least very close to it). The movements feel so natural — and this is absolutely a reason to play Soulcalibur VI.

One of the richest movesets for a fighting game

Every fighting game character has their specific set of tools. Those basic attacks and special moves can be combined into a long series of devastating hits to lead the player to victory.  The number of those tools is limited for a fighter, so you should activate your savvy skills to take the max out of the moveset. Soulcalibur uses the same principle, but the difference is huge — characters here have much more variants of attacks than it’s common in the industry.

On the one hand, that means more “work” for a player as you need to practice those combinations/sequences of directional and attack buttons to develop muscle memory for them. But on the other hand, the enormous movesets give you much more means to prove yourself in Soulcalibur matches, find your personal style.

Learning the attacks is quite a process, but it’s not too difficult if you move forward little by little. And in the end, your possibilities in Soulcalibur VI become exceedingly impressive.

The characters are really unique and allow you to express yourself

Different fighting games offer very different characters. You’ll find a kind of realistic martial arts masters in Street Fighter. Or maybe you prefer anime rosters of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue?

Soulcalibur has a unique atmosphere, and it’s perfectly reflected through the playable characters. Not only do they convey that special feeling of being part of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge world, but they also give the players a vast choice of personalities and fighting archetypes.

You can take one of 29 characters: 21 in the base game plus 8 from DLC. They are mighty guys, purposeful girls, and some pretty weird creatures (Yoshimitsu, Nightmare, Voldo). Who among them would be perfect for reflecting your personality in the game? Would you like to take someone from another universe, such as Geralt from Witcher or 2B from NieR: Automata?

The freedom of choice is excellent, and it brings you quite unique experiences within the game. Weapons strongly determine the fighting style. Would you prefer a classic sword, an unusual ring blade, a long-reaching rod, or something else? Traditionally for a fighting game, Soulcalibur VI characters are divided into power levels — check out this SC tier list to pick someone with especially strong abilities or prove your skills by winning even with a low-tier fighter.

Of course, you need to concentrate on one character at a time to learn their moveset. But don’t overthink your choice, as there are no restrictions on jumping to new SC6 fighters to refresh the game.

Soulcalibur has one of the most friendly environment ever

Remember that thing about multiplayer matches being the core of fighting games? The community of players defines your gaming life within a title. And those who play Soulcalibur make everything around the game feel so great!

In the modern world, lots of stuff moved to the online dimension, and we have the whole global FGC to interact with. It depends on you how deep to integrate into it. There are top-level players who participate in esports tournaments and know each other very well. There are groups of dedicated fans who gather on online streams and communicate in Twitch chats. You can find new mutuals on socials to share your Soulcalibur passion with them. Or you can even enter a group of close friends to meet IRL regularly and have fun playing your favorite game.

In any case, the Soulcalibur 6 community is one of the friendliest you could ever meet. Just enjoy being part of it!

The game is just fun and totally cool

Ok, this is perhaps the main reason to play any game. You have all the chances to fully enjoy your time with Soulcalibur VI and get acquainted with one of the coolest game series ever!

There is only one thing to add to this reason. Be careful with your approach, as it’s easy to ruin the impressions of playing any fighting game. Don’t set too high goals from the beginning, and let yourself move slowly through the path of being a newcomer to using advanced techniques. It’s great to get multiplayer victories, but if you rush into that mode without proper training, the opponents will rather destroy you. It’s awesome to use long damaging combos, but trying to land them might become a tedious chore that drains your motivation.

So, this seventh reason to play SC6 hints at the best approach. Expect to have a fun time with a cool game, and all the other positive stuff might happen as a side effect. It’s the approach of the best players and esports champions.

Please, let us mention one more thing before you stop reading this article and actually start playing Soulcalibur 6. You try out the game, and this journey has no obvious endpoint. There’s always something to do on those fighting grounds, so it would be better to avoid two oppositions: finishing too early and staying in the game for too long. Reach the level when you have mastered some intermediate/advanced tricks and feel confident in online multiplayer. But don’t push too hard — eventually, the game might become your gateway to other miracles of the genre.

Soulcalibur VI is one of the best fighting games ever! Don’t miss the opportunity to add it to your gaming portfolio.

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