A Little To The Left Seeing Stars DLC Review – I’m Seeing Five Stars

I love A Little to the Left. The moment I heard there was going to be new DLC, I knew I needed to play it. And I’m so glad I did, because this is the best set of A Little to the Left levels we’ve gotten yet. The new Seeing Stars DLC is an absolute triumph, the best of the best, and all A Little to the Left fans should run, not walk, to add these 30+ new organizational puzzles to their collection.

Seeing Stars features a new set of puzzles in the classic A Little to the Left “organize this chaos,” style, but it does it in a way that feels new and fresh. There is a much larger puzzle variety compared to the base game, with some extremely unique puzzles. In one level, you have to create patterns using the markings on ears of corn. In another, your task is to match the moods of several Tamagotchi-style creatures – what a hit of nostalgia for this 90s kid!

Fork Yeah!

My absolute favorite thing about Seeing Stars is that almost every puzzle has more than one solution, with a large number having as many as five. One of my big frustrations with both the base A Little to the Left and the first DLC, Cupboards and Drawers, was that sometimes something that seemed to me like a valid solution wasn’t accepted by the game. This is much less prominent in Seeing Stars, because the developers clearly took the time to consider a wide range of solutions and accept as many as possible. This also adds a ton of replay value, as you can play each level multiple times to find the unique and creative solutions that you might not have immediately thought of. I definitely had to stretch my brain more than once – but in the best way!

Another change that I loved about the Seeing Stars DLC was an overhaul to the hint system, which I believe was also applied to the base game. Previously, hints tended to focus on only a single solution, and you could find yourself stuck if a solution that wasn’t coming to you was one that the hint system didn’t cover. Now, the hint system has been expanded so that you can access hints for multiple different solutions. The hints are still a little too obvious, in my opinion, basically being pictures of the solution, but the huge number of possible answers for each puzzle makes it a lot less frustrating than I found it when I first played A Little to the Left.

This corn graph is so satisfying to me

One other small change that makes Seeing Stars so incredibly fun is that there are some levels where you get to DESTROY things! Sure, organizing is cathartic, but sometimes, you just want to smash! One of my all-time favorite levels in Seeing Stars is one where you have to smash a series of pots and then use the broken fragments to fill the gaps on a third, damaged pot. This was so cool and creative – if I’m being honest, I would play an entire game of A Little to the Left-style puzzles with a “controlled destruction” element thrown in.

In addition to all the great new stuff, Seeing Stars still possesses everything that made the original A Little to the Left so great. The art style is still wonderful, with the calm pastel theme continuing from the base game. Even at its most frustrating, A Little to the Left is somehow still a relaxing game to play. I don’t know exactly why that’s so, or how to explain it, but it’s true. I noticed a lot of fun little creative touches when it comes to the art as well – for example, in one early puzzle, you have to arrange a set of forks, and some of the forks have spaghetti wrapped around the tines or little bits of various foods caught in them. It’s such a cute touch that makes each and every level feel unique!

I missed these guys

And, of course, A Little to the Left’s best characters are back in Seeing Stars: the cats! These frisky felines will sometimes visit you upon completing a puzzle, and they continue to be absolutely adorable and lovable. Of course, as cats are wont to do, they will sometimes mess up your lovely organization work, and you will find yourself shaking your fist and saying “I JUST CLEANED THAT” – but you forgive them, because they’re just so fluffy and precious.

The Seeing Stars DLC is a wonderful addition to the A Little to the Left experience. Like the previous DLC, Cupboards & Drawers, it is completely stand-alone and can be played without having to have played any of the base game (although I recommend trying a few levels of the base game first, to get accustomed to how A Little to the Left puzzles work). Its puzzles are very fun, with tons of variety. The focus on multiple solutions allows you to get creative and try for some more “out there” methods of organizing things. The improved hint system is great, the art is as adorable as always, and it’s wonderful to see the cats again! So if you’re in the mood for organizing some things, and perhaps destroying some other things, as well as spending some time with some SUPER fluffy cats, you should absolutely pick up A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars today. It is available now for purchase, although it does require a copy of the base game to play.

Kate played A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars on PC via Steam using a review code.

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