A New Game is in the Works for Take-Two Interactive!

So for anyone who found themselves disappointed when E3 wrapped up and the rumored news about a new Take-Two Interactive game was never addressed, we’ve got some fresh info for you!

The company has hinted for some time about the company’s new project. Back when E3 was happening, it was suspected by fans that they were getting a glimpse at Read Dead 3. However, the shoot-out scene they’d been planning to showcase was taken out due to the recent shooting tragedies in the US.

Now, a new statement by CEO Strauss Zelnick promises for the unveiling of the alleged project. “Rockstar Games also is hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon.”

The problem is, Zelnick’s recent statement simply says the new game will be revealed ‘soon’. Maybe before the Summers over, latest early fall? For now, all that we can really do is wait for that announcement and speculate as to which game it’s going to be about. It seems to be clear and sensible that they’d go back to one of two of their most successful franchises. One quick Google search online and it’s easy to read up on all the theories going on – it stretches from deciphering ambiguous staff statements that ‘clearly’ point to RD, to theorizing which city the new GTA should take place in.

Fans have been crossing their fingers for GTA 6 and even though it was released in 2013, GTA 5 is still doing amazing in sales -both online and in store. Yet, things are always changing in the gaming industry with graphics, techniques and technology and it would be really awesome to see an all-new GTA game using that! However, the most anticipated game that people seem to want from the company the most is a new Read Dead. With over 15 million RDR games sold, why wouldn’t they want to create a new game for fans to enjoy? If they are looking to create a game while avoiding franchise fatigue, this would be the right direction for them to take.

What are your thoughts on the statement and what new Take-Two game do you hope to see?


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