A whole lot of Hyrule Warriors details

This weeks issue of Famitsu Magazine has had a whole lot of details come to light on Hyrule Warriors and as well as characters there have been details on items such as the boomerang and even a skulltula collecting system, plus more. Translations are underway for all the details and here are all the details currently being translated for your enjoyment please enjoy all the details.


– You can obtain the boomerang from a treasure chest and use it as an item
– If the boomerang hits an enemy, it will make it stand still for a short amount of time
– You may also acquire strengthening item which transform the boomerang into the Gale Boomerang
– Gale Boomerang springs forth a tornado which will make enemies float
– If enemies are hit when they are midair they will take more damage than usual


– There are 100 Gold Skulltulas in the world
– One will appear as an enemy if certain special conditions are met
– If you slay one, you will get an illustration piece
– You can find information about Skulltulas in the stage select screen
– You will know that a Skulltula has appeared from a spider web like marker on the map which also pins down the location
– Then you have limited time to find and slay it
– If you are nearby, you will hear a rustling sound
– In the picture, one of the Skulltulas is under some large boulder so bombs are needed to uncover it
– Skulltula appearance is related to used weapon/character, at least in some cases

Weapon bags

– You can pick weapon bags from slayed enemies
– Obtained weapons are random and you won’t know how good the weapon is until you clear the stage
– You can also find “sealed weapons” from treasure boxes
– These increase the amount of types of weapons that a character can use

Weapon information screen

1. Weapon name; in the picture it is a variation of Biggoron’s Sword.
2. Rarity of the weapon. More stars means rarer.
3. Attribute. There are fire, water, lightning, light and darkness. If you use attribute that
enemy is weak for, the damage will increase.
4. Attack power.
5. Skill (in picture “rupee increase”).
6. Sealed skill. Needs to fill requirements to unlock. In the picture, you need to kill 3000 enemies
7. Empty slot. You can fill these in the junk shop. At maximum you may have 8 skills.

More details on weapons/shopping

– Junk shop is part of the shopmall
– In junk shop you can compose stronger weapons by switching skills
– Ex: swap a skill from a powerful weapon into your favorite weapon
– There are limits on how many skills of a same skill group you can have in one weapon at once
– It seems that the weapon from which the skill is swapped from will turn into materials and so it is lost

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