Battlefield 4 DLC Final Stand has been delayed

Yesterday I told you that EA has delayed BattleField Hardline into 2015 and as it appears EA has also delayed another selection Battlefield content. More specifically I refer to the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC Final Stand. The DLC was originally slated for a release at the end of Summer or Winter if you live in Australia however the games DLC has been delayed into EA’s third financial quarter ending December 31st.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke about the delay of both Battlefield: Hardline and Battlefield 4′s Final Stand DLC, stating:

“Many more hours of new Battlefield 4 content and gameplay are yet to come, including the expansion packs Dragon’s Teeth, launching worldwide on July 29, and Final Stand coming in Q3. The DICE team continues to deliver new updates and features for Battlefield 4 players, and recently introduced a Community Test Environment for players to provide feedback on new additions to the game before they launch.”

Hopefully this delay will be a good thing for EA and Battlefield itself and a bit of a delay should not cause problems for the game and I am sure the players of Battlefield 4 will be fine with waiting a little bit longer for this content.

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