A Wonderful Night to Have a Curse – Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Announced

As part of the E3 Replacement New Game Plus Expo Livestream, Inti Creates announced a sequel to last year’s Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. The retro-inspired precursor to Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night saw sword-wielding exorcist Zangetsu fighting his way through multiple classic Castlevania inspired levels, either joined by or striking down fellow Bloodstained characters Miriam, Gebel and Alfred in fighting demons inspired by but distinct from the plot of Ritual.


One of the elements that made Curse of the Moon such a joy to play was its roster of up to four playable characters, each with respective abilities and life bars, that you could switch between on the fly after recruiting them. Curse of the Moon 2 appears to be utilizing the same mechanic, introducing three new playable characters.


First up is Dominique, previously the shopkeeper in Ritual of the Night, now getting to show off as a Spear Wielding Exorcist who commands wind, electric, and restorative magics.


Next is Robert, an arsenal toting soldier with the ability to lay prone and avoid enemy attacks.


And finally, Hachi, who is a corgi controlling a suit of armor that can traverse spikes unharmed, according to trailer footage. It is unknown at this time is whether Curse of the Moon‘s option to slay these potential allies and power up Zangetsu directly will make a return.

Several new bosses make an appearance in the trailer, including what appears to be a Chimera, a Knight fused with a train, a lava worm, and the return of Ritual’s first boss Vepar.

While no plans have been announced for a direct sequel to Ritual of the Night, characters and bosses from that game were also used in the original Curse of the Moon, making us very curious about what the future may have in store for our new heroes and villains.

Are you looking forward to more Castlevania 3 inspired platforming action? What do you think of our new heroes? Let us know.

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