Accelerate Games To Publish “Toy Soldiers HD”

Signal Studios, creators of the Toy Soldiers series, will be releasing Toy Soldiers HD through startup publisher Accelerate Games.

Accelerate Games and Signal Studios are not exactly going to be duplicating the sort of publishing agreement Signal had with Ubisoft.  One of Signal’s partners, Brett Gow, is one of the founders of Accelerate.  One of the other founders of Accelerate, Greg Fischbach, has been involved in the games industry for a number of years, previously president of Activision (long before it bought up Blizzard) and founder/CEO of game developer/publisher Acclaim from 1987 until 2004.  Since leaving Acclaim, Fischbach was involved as CEO of YooStar before starting video chat startup Rabbit.  John Chao, former chief strategy and data officer at Rabbit, is also involved in Accelerate’s founding.

In a press release today, Fischbach described the deal regarding Signal Studios.  “The first creative developer and IP we will be working with is Signal Studios and their best-selling franchise, Toy Soldiers. Coming in 2021, Toy Soldiers HD (working code name) will be available on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. What we love about Toy Soldiers is it combines historical accuracies, hardcore action and strategy, and humor with infectious fun gameplay. The game’s off-the-charts replayability and multiplayer features are sure to recapture the attention of previous enlisted fans and recruit an army of new ones. We look forward to helping the small, but talented team at Signal Studios reach their goal of introducing Toy Soldiers to new audiences worldwide across console and PC platforms.”

Fischbach also laid out his larger aspirations for the new publishing company.  “I co-founded Accelerate Games because I want to build a team of long time video game veterans with a common goal of establishing long term, collaborative relationships with talented creatives who are determined to cultivate brands and build lasting IPs.  Our industry is blessed with many talented voices armed with resources, but up-and-coming teams which are equally creative and brilliant also deserve the same resources and support.  That is where Accelerate Games comes into play.”



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