Alan Wake 2: All Words Of Power Locations

While playing as Alan in Alan Wake 2, you will come across various collectibles scattered in different locations of the open world. One such thing to collect is Words of Power, the perks that are upgradable to Alan’s items and attributes. However, finding them can be a bit tricky for you due to the intricate locations they lie in.

This guide will list every Word of Power along with their exact locations in Alan Wake 2. If you are eager to collect them all, read the guide till the end.

Words Of Power

There are 27 Words of Power in total that can be located in the form of graffiti throughout the different maps. These resources work as upgrades to Alan’s various aspects of the game, be it health, weapons, ammo, inventory space, and much more. You can easily collect these resources by lighting your torch toward them—it will take a few seconds, and your job will be done. 

But before you delve into the exploration, remember that there are only 7 unique categories of Words of Power, with each having its own unique abilities and three different upgrades:

  • Words of Fix: Increases health capacity.
  • Words of Gun: Upgrades guns and ammo capacity.
  • Words of War: Increases weapon’s damage effect.
  • Words of Stuff: Increases inventory space, charges the flashlight, and shows nearby collectibles on the map.
  • Words Of Aid: Enhances healing items and flares.
  • Words Of Action: Increases Alan’s damage dealing and stealth abilities.
  • Words of Lamp: Improves the Flashlight. 

Now, that you have got a brief idea about the said item in Alan Wake 2, here are all of the locations of Words of Power sorted by the areas they are found in.

All Words Of Power In Main Plaza

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You can find 6 Words of Power in the Main Plaza. In the Dark Place, your primary objective is to access the Subway, but some exploring can be beneficial.

  • Word of Fix: You will find this Word above the door which is situated at the end of the alley. This area is on the far northwest side of the map.
  • Word of Action: While walking down Draft Street, just keep looking at the railway track above and you will spot the Word in no time.
  • Word of Lamp: This Word is beside the yellow arrow sign. To find it, use a light source to illuminate the street lamp on the right side nearby. Then, use the stairs near you and follow the pathway until you reach a ladder. Once found, climb up the ladder, open the door in front, go downstairs, and you will end up on the street. The Word will be visible on the ground while you walk down to the break room(save point).
  • Word of War: After finding the light source from the yellow taxi, you will have some enemies to deal with, so first clear them out. Then, on the car’s left, you will see a ladder you can climb upon. Do so, and start walking until you find some air conditioners stuck to the wall. Your Word is on the ground between those units.
  • Word of Gun: Right in front of the police car is a building. Simply walk inside it and look on the wall interiors to find the said Word.
  • Word of Fix: Outside the Talk Show studio, you will find this Word near a bunch of trash bins.

All Words Of Power In Subway

Words Of Power 1

The maximum Words of Power are found in the Subway. There are around 10 of them:

  • Word Of Gun: As you walk inside the Caldera Station Subway, you will encounter an abandoned train on the right side. Get near it and you will see the Word in no time.
  • Word of Aid: On passing the subway save point, look for construction materials and boxes scattered around. Look closely near them to find the following Word.
  • Word of Lamp: First, use your Angle Lamp to change the surroundings in the Collapsed Tunnel. After that, you will see two metal doors, one with the Word inside it.  Get inside and collect it.
  • Word of War: Once you see the derailed train scene on your screen, look above to spot the Word.
  • Word of Action: After turning the derailed train scene into Torchbearers, you must crawl through the remains to end up near a small room. This room contains a ladder going down. Quickly climb down, take a left, and you will find three arrows on a wall pointing at a board. Behind it is the Word of Action on the wall.
  • Word of Fix: This one is easy to find! Once you collect the previous Word(Action), follow the pathway on the left to the end, and you will find the Word on the wall behind the ticket counter. But before you do so, be careful of the enemies surrounding the area.
  • Word of Lamp: After leaving the previous area, you need to head to Shrine Street Station. Next, look for a flooded section, and on the wall will be the Word above the outline of a person.
  • Word of Gun: After collecting the previous Word, return to where you saw an abandoned train. Then, go through it, and you will spot the following Word on the window of the second abandoned train situated right next to the first one.
  • Word of Action: After gaining access to the northern Shrine Street Station via the Ritual Echo theme, you will see the Word on the wall opposite the door.
  • Word of Fix: As you finish collecting the previous Word, go through the door inside, then on the right, walk up the stairs to end up near the poster(Night Springs) behind bars. Next to it will be a new Word for you to claim.

All Words Of Power In Streets/Rooftops

Words Of Power 2

In the streets/rooftops, you will only find 4 Words of Power:

  • Words of Aid: While walking down the street of Ocean Avenue, you will find this Word on the northeastern side. The following Word is situated on the wall above the two telephone boxes.
  • Words of Aid: You can spot this Word on the southern side of the Oceanview Hotel. The Word is on the rooftop under the billboard saying “Final Case.”
  • Word of Lamp: You will find this Word on the Water Tank right under the “Final Case” billboard. Just climb the two ladders on the northern side of the rooftop, and your job should be done.
  • Word of Gun: After collecting the previous Word, walk down the stairs on the left. Then, while crouching, move forward to end up under the same stairs you came down from. Your Word can be spotted beneath those stairs.

All Words Of Power In Oceanview Hotel

Words Of Power 3

You will find the least amount of Words of Power in the Oceanview Hotel. There are just 3 of them:

  • Word of War: Get inside room no. 224 of the Oceanview Hotel. Next, enter the section where a wooden plank needs to be broken for further movement. Do so, and you will find yourself in the bathroom. The Word is on the wall opposite three boxes near the bathtub.
  • Word of War: Once you are in the Oceanview Hotel’s 2nd-floor Hallway, look through the blocked door in the middle to spot the Word. 
  • Word of Stuff: Head to the Ballroom of the Oceanview Hotel, then look at the ceiling of the bar counter to spot this Word easily.

All Words Of Power in Poet’s Cinema

Words Of Power 5

The final Words of Power can be found in the Poet’s Cinema, which is 4 in count:

  • Word of Fix: You can easily find this Word on the right side of the Lobby’s second floor, inside the Poet’s Cinema.
  • Word of Action: As soon as you enter the Poet’s Cinema, walk up to the Toilet section and enter the storeroom. You will find the Word on its ceiling.
  • Word of Stuff: Head to the rooftop of the Poet’s Cinema, then go to the Spotlights section and look for yellow-colored graffiti on the wall. Once found, look carefully near it, and you will find the Word southwest of the Graffiti.
  • Word of Lamp: This final Word is on the Water Tank, which you can spot by going to the opposite from where you got the previous Word(Stuff).

And that’s how you can find all Words of Power in Alan Wake 2. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comment if you need any specific guide regarding this game. And make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Alan Wake 2 guides!

Alan Wake 2 is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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