Alan Wake 2: How To Beat Cynthia The Drowned Lady

Cynthia, the Drowned Lady, is one of the major bosses in Alan Wake 2. She is encountered during the game’s main story. Even though the old lady is not a big threat compared to the first boss, Nightingale, she can still take you down if you make any mistakes. However, a good skillset, strategy, and presence of mind are all you need to trounce this formidable foe. This guide discusses how you can beat the ghostly lady Cynthia in Alan Wake 2.

How To Beat Cynthia In Alan Wake 2


On your mission to rescue Tor, you will find Cynthia in the Dark Bunker situated under the Valhalla Nursing Home. The ghostly lady resides in a circular flooded room, which you can reach by following the pathway through the tunnels and defeating the regular enemies and solving the puzzles found there.

Red Button

Once you are in the right area, head to the console room, situated right in the middle, and press the red buzzer to kick-start your fight with Cynthia. However, you will not be able to hit her at first, as she will be beneath the water trying her level best to deal damage against you. The only way to face her in a proper one-on-one situation is by draining the water that has taken all over the place. This can be done by restarting the generator on the other side of the room you are currently standing in.


You will find the generator on the left of the room-like area, inside the wall. Since Cynthia is wandering around the room beneath the water, you cannot stay in the water for too long, or the drowned lady will come rushing towards you to land a potent melee blow, taking away a big chunk of your health. Thankfully, there are some floating platforms on the water that you can climb on to keep yourself safe. Cynthia will not be able to harm you on these surfaces. There are several of these platforms you can use.


Simply make use of these platforms to reach the hallway, and you will eventually find the generator inside a gap in the wall. You will find some wall gaps filled with supplies and ammo along the way, so do make sure to collect them as well. Once you restart the generator, get back to the console room by taking the shortcut opposite it. Now, press the red button to turn on the lights. Finally, the water will drain out from the room.

Final Fight With Cynthia


Now that the water has drained out, go downstairs and roam around the circular room until Cynthia shows up. This time, you will have to fight her for real. Of course, you can use your weapons now. The drowned lady will have two major attacks that she will be using to deal damage against you: Shadow Balls and Water Waves. You can avoid these ranged attacks by relying on dodges.


That said, whenever you get a chance, hit her with your best weapon. Try aiming for headshots to deal more significant damage. The best bet for this fight is the Hunting Rifle, as it can deal good damage from long range. After you land a few hits, the old lady will fall to the ground and start charging at you aggressively. Here, use the sawed-off shotgun to blow her off(a pistol is also doable) when she comes near you. Keep repeating this process until she is defeated.

That’s how you can defeat Cynthia the Drowned Lady in Alan Wake 2. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comment if you need any specific guide regarding this game. And make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Alan Wake 2 guides!

Alan Wake 2 is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.


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