Like A Dragon Gaiden: All Golden Ball Locations

Like A Dragon Gaiden is filled with numerous quests involving finding items, defeating enemies, and much more. One quest, Gotta Catch ’em Balls, tasks players with finding Golden Balls scattered around various locations in the world. However, with no clear description of their locations provided, finding the balls can be a daunting task. To help you overcome this issue, this handy guide discusses where you can find every Golden Ball in Like A Dragon Gaiden. Keep reading if you want to grab them all!

All Golden Ball Locations In Like A Dragon Gaiden 

Golden Ball

Finding the Golden Balls can be a laborious job since you will have to travel to different locations, clear some quests, and more. However, the reward that awaits in the end is worth finding all the Balls. Below are the locations of every ball you can find in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Golden Ball 1

  • Gold Ball #1: The first Golden Ball you can acquire is from Akame’s Shop, purchasable for 777 Akame points. However, to do so, you must first unlock the shop for 15000 Yen and then invest two more times(80000 Yen and 150000 Yen) in the same shop, which might hurt your bank balance. Then, the Ball will be available for purchase. You can earn the Akame points you need by completing requests for Akame and others around the city.

Golden Ball 2

  • Golden Ball #2: While walking down the W Sotenbori Footpath, you will see the river beside it. Simply wait for some time there, and you will see a yellow boat coming from the west, with a man standing on its far front side, flexing his muscles. If you look carefully, the shining Ball is stuck on the man’s speedo. You can grab using your Spider gadget. Do your job as fast as possible, as the boat will leave quickly.

Golden Ball 3

  • Golden Ball #3: The next Golden Ball, just like the first one, can also be bought from a shop. However, this one will be available in Ebisu Pawn Shop and not in Akame’s Shop, so don’t get confused. This Ball costs around 77,777 Yen for you to purchase. You can defeat enemies and complete quests to earn the Yen you need.

Golden Ball 6

  • Golden Ball #4: At the castle’s eastern end, you will find a massive bronze statue, and under it will be some stairs that you can walk up. At the top, you will see an NPC focusing on the statue’s crotch section, wondering what’s shining in that place. This is a hint for you to look up there – do so and you will spot the Golden Ball in no time. Use your Spider Gadget to grab the item.

Golden Ball 5

  • Golden Ball #5: Enter the casino inside the castle and walk up to the balcony on the left. While standing here, you will see a bunch of dancers showing their moves on the dance floor. Among them, one of the dancers has the Golden Ball stuck to their crotch. Use your Spider gadget once again to obtain the ball.

Golden Ball 8

  • Golden Ball #6: You can purchase this Golden Ball inside the Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar. However, this time, you cannot use Yen. It will require you to spend 777 Billiard points in total. These points can be earned by playing Billiards inside the Bar, so keep playing until you have acquired enough points.

Golden Ball 4

  • Golden Ball #7: In order to find this Golden Ball, you first need to trigger the “Mysterious Note” mission by talking to the man sitting on the table located along the Sotenbori Footpath. After that, you will be directed to find four statues of giant turtles, which you can do by heading to West Sofukucho Street. Once you find the statues, look to the left, and you will see an object shining above the store sign, as shown in the map screenshot above. This is the last Golden Ball you need.

Get Your Reward After Collecting All Seven Golden Balls

Golden Ball 7

Now that you have found all the Golden Balls, it’s time to claim your reward! With all the balls, go to Shen San, whom you can find inside the alley on Eastern Sotenbori Street, and hand them over to him. Soon after, he will let you make a Wish, where you must choose any one of the four options on your screen. The list of options and their rewards is stated below:

  • I Want The Normal, Peaceful Life I had Once: You will get to make your wish again.
  • I Want Eternal Life: You will get the 100 Nourishment of the Sea King.
  • I Want Endless Riches: You will get 1 million Yen.
  • I Want Sexy Panties: You will get the Shen San Panties item, which can be sold at the Ebisu Pawn Shop for a massive 1,500,000 Yen.

That’s all the Golden Ball locations in Like A Dragon Gaiden. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any specific guide regarding this game. And make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Like A Dragon Gaiden guides!

Like A Dragon Gaiden is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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