Anthem Pushed to 2019, New Battlefield Game Announced for Late 2018

On the heels of news announcing highly anticipated Anthem will now release in 2019, EA has confirmed a new Battlefield game is coming this October.

While many claim that production of a new Battlefield game is why Anthem has been delayed, Blake Jorgensen, finance chief at EA, claims that this “is not a delay,” and that “people are trying to create a story.” He went on to say that Anthem will gain more attention from gamers if released early 2019, rather than the originally slated fall 2018.

If the new release date for Anthem does not get pushed further, there is no reason the game cannot be successful. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released March 3 last year to massive success and wound up winning several Game of the Year awards.

EA has not released any details on the new Battlefield game, but new DLC Turning Tides for Battlefield 1 launched on January 30. This marks the third major DLC released for the game.

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