Anthem Releases Early Next Year

We now have a release date for Anthem.

At their E3 press conference, EA announced that Anthem will release on February 22, 2019. The game is releasing on PC (through Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Origin Access Premier members will be able to play the game early with unlimited access on PC starting February 15. EA Access and Origin Access Basic members will be able to play up to 10 hours of the game as part of the Play First trial on February 15, as well.

During their press conference, EA announced that there will be no loot boxes in Anthem. There will be no pay-for-power advantages at all. However, there will be cosmetic items available for players to deck out their Javelin suits in.

It was also announced that there will be no romance options in Anthem. “There are no romances,” lead producer Mike Gamble confirmed to Game Informer. “There are friendships. Some of the stuff we did with Mass Effect – the Citadel DLC specifically – there was a lot of friendship moments. You and Garrus sitting up, shooting – that kind of stuff, we want to lean into that. The romantic stuff, we’re moving away from that for Anthem.”

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