APB Reloaded has been stealth released on the Xbox One

What is life without a few surprises? For some it is preferred that things come as a surprise, for others this can be the most frustrating thing imaginable. In the game industry it is actually a common practice that games will just be dropped on us, many digital games often just show up and this is interesting. We don’t expect it so these surprises can come as a shock, and this is the case for a new Massively Multiplayer Online game that showed up on the Xbox One today.

The game called APB Reloaded simply just appeared on the Xbox One with little knowledge or fanfair, for those wondering APB Reloaded is a cops and robbers style online game that has a certain fanbase on PC, and to play this game you will need a valid Xbox Live membership. The game has players align themselves on the side of law abiding Enforcers or the Criminals who are pretty much self-explanatory in a third person action warfare.

The Xbox One port of this game has been published by Deep Silver and comes with a free premium items under the name of the Founders Pack. These items will be available as long as you download and log into the game within the next 30 days. So is this not a wonderful surprise for Xbox One owners, if you are looking for something different be sure to check this game out, now lets wait to find out what games get stealth released next.

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