Ashley Johnson from The Last of Us Voices a “Very Core” Character in Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games has a lot going on as they work on more of their highly popular graphic adventure games, but to be honest we all know that Telltale is not delivering the same greatness that they did with previous franchises. In fact, Telltale’s work with Tales from the Borderlands has not exactly seen the best of feedback, but maybe Telltale is trying to change this. Telltale Games has announced that they have brought The Last of Us’s Ellie, Ashley Johnson who we know can deliver a strong performance and will play a “core character” in the third episode of Tales from the Borderlands. As of yet nothing has been revealed about who she will be playing in the game, however after playing Ellie in the Last of Us this should be a great performance and one to look forward to.

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