Fire Emblem: Awakening sold 1.79 million copies as of December 2014

Fire Emblem Awakening is considered one of the best games on the 3DS, however the Fire Emblem franchise itself is also an acquired taste. An official page for the upcoming latest entry in the Fire Emblem franchise has opened and included on the page is a brief introduction to the franchise, and within it the sales for Fire Emblem Awakening has been revealed to be 1.79 million units. This of course is a worldwide figure as of December 2014.

The fully translated overview states:

Fire Emblem – Nintendo’s SRPG series that has been beloved by fans for 25 years. The most recent entry, Fire Emblem Awakening, sold 1.79 million copies worldwide (as of December 2014), and now, this world-beloved series’ latest entry, “Fire Emblem if”, will be released to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

Fire Emblem Awakening has been around for a while now with game arriving in Japan in April 2012, the game arrived in North America in February 2013 and the Europen release came about a few months later. I honestly thought the sales would be better but I suppose for a franchise like Fire Emblem it is not bad.

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