New Atreus Easter Egg Found in God of War

This article contains spoilers for God of War (2018).

If you have been following news of God of War on Twitter, you may have noticed the hashtag #FayeKnew. Well if you haven’t, this hashtag is God of War Senior Concept Artist Joe Kennedy’s creation. The hashtag was apparently hinting at a secret about Kratos’ son, Atreus.

When Kratos and Atreus arrive at the twin peaks, they see the walls of the caves uncover paintings that are, in a way, omens. They show Freya, Atreus’s mother talking to giants, Kratos’ fight with Baldur, and their meeting with the World Serpent, all of which had come to pass before their arrival at the peaks.

Everything the paintings show makes sense to Atreus, except one small detail. His mother does not refer to him as Atreus in the paintings, but as the name she intended to give him: Loki.

That’s right, Loki, as in the God of Mischief.  Those same paintings depict the birth of the World Serpent, who in Norse Mythology, is Loki’s offspring. The World Serpent also plays a part in Ragnarok the end of Asgard. The revelation of such an Easter egg helps make sense of the events of God of War. Perhaps this is why Odin gave chase to Kratos.

God of War has been out for some time now, but if you have not had the chance to see the story trailer, check it out below:


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